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Intercessory Prayer Training

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Facilitated by,

Pastor, Doris Allison &

Armor-Bearer, LaTanya Black


Intercessory prayer training is designed for a church’s altar prayer team. It is an essential part of the ministry’s growth & development

According to James 5:16, we are called to stand in the gap for each other. Prayer training for a church’s ministry provides discipline for individuals. It teaches practical guidance and professional etiquette when standing in the role of an altar prayer before the congregation.  It also provides confidence and trust that God hears the matters of the heart of his sheep and that he will respond.  The in-depth training helps to elevate one’s faith as a  prayer committed to intercessory prayer and upholds the ministry’s moral beliefs.


Our mission is to commit our hearts to the Lord and to worship and obey Him. To grow in God's word through its empowering spiritual guidance. 


Our vision is that cutting-edge ministry be a place of future and hope as you reclaim your life back to its fullness Recovered and Restored. 


Recovery is the process of regaining and returning to a 
normal state of health, mind and strength a reclaiming of 
your life back. Restoration is when someone is better 
than they were to begin with.



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Pastor Doris Allison serves as the dedicated Prayer Pastor at Proverbs Christian Fellowship Church (PCF), where she not only leads the women's ministry and praise and worship team but also holds the role of a founding member since 2003, guided by the motto, "We meet you where you are." Pastor Allison's life centers around understanding others and personal growth, rooted in the belief that God sees hearts beyond circumstances and fulfills every need. With over two decades of sobriety, she values the support of a caring community.

As a graduate of Proverbs Empowerment Institute with a Certificate in Theological Studies, Pastor Allison maintains a lifelong commitment to learning, embracing humility, and continuous growth. Unapologetically herself, she dedicates her efforts to building God's kingdom and is devoted to His Glory. Through Cutting Edge Ministry, Pastor Allison empowers lives through public speaking, spreading God's message of hope and faith.

Her intercessory prayer training equips the church's altar prayer team with essential skills, discipline, and confidence to stand in the gap for each other. Following biblical principles, she elevates their faith, cultivating committed intercessors who trust in God's response to matters of the heart.

Beyond her church duties, Pastor Allison inspires others to embrace their true selves and find strength in the divine through her compassionate and gracious outreach. Her unwavering commitment to God's workmanship leaves a lasting impact on those she touches.





LaTany's dedication to ministry is profoundly intertwined with the challenges she has faced in life, serving as the key source of strength and resilience. Her ability to endure, despite the devastating loss of her 23-year-old daughter to the horrific act of gun violence, is a testament to her unwavering faith. She firmly believes that "God has and will continue to sustain her." This deep-seated faith serves as a guiding force in LaTanya's journey, allowing her to find strength in the midst of profound adversity and tragedy.

In her role as an armor bearer, LaTanay draws inspiration from biblical imagery, embodying the essence of one who carries the spear and shield of a warrior. This traditional role involves multifaceted support for the pastor, including assisting with community engagement speaking appearances, managing logistics for congregational trainings and workshops, handling the pastor's scheduling, and attending various events such as weddings, funerals, and baby christenings to support the pastor's numerous obligations.

Beyond her role as an armorbearer, LaTanya Black's impact extends far and wide. As a Public Speaker, Certified Life Coach and expert in Leadership coaching, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her community. Her role as the founder of the Nonprofit Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) reflects her deep commitment to addressing crucial societal issues, particularly those related to gun violence.

A graduate of Proverbs Empowerment Institute with a Certificate in Theological Studies, LaTanya's journey includes active participation in the church's leadership team, and she is currently undergoing training to become ordained as a pastor. In addition to her responsibilities, LaTanya actively serves in the outreach ministry and provides support to the women's ministry, showcasing her holistic approach to community service.

Her multifaceted involvement exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact on both the individual and collective well-being of the community she serves, fueled by her personal experiences and unwavering faith in God's sustaining power.


 Our Affiliation

LaTanya and Doris, as active members of the Protect MN Interfaith Alliance, passionately advocate for the prevention of gun violence. Their fervent support goes beyond advocacy, extending to championing sensible gun laws through active participation in legislative initiatives and local endeavors. Their unwavering commitment to creating a positive and meaningful impact within their community is evident as they provide invaluable support to families and congregational members, showcasing their dedication.

Our Goals

Reach out to and build relationships with diverse faith organizations across the state.


Provide guidance & resources for individuals and religious organizations interested in creating congregational gun violence prevention groups.


Plan events and activities focused on gun violence prevention from a faith prospective.


Create opportunities for people of faith and religious organizations to engage in advocacy for gun violence prevention.


Altar Prayers Training Schedule 

 Training sessions can be valuable opportunities for personal and professional  growth. 2024 dates are coming soon! 

What is Intessory Prayer?

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Different Types of Biblical Prayers

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Calm the Mind Hear God

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Sinners Prayer

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Contact Us

Elevate your congregation's spiritual journey by considering our Intercessory Prayer Training, thoughtfully designed for your church's altar prayer team. This training serves as a pivotal element in fostering the growth and development of our ministry. We are enthusiastic about sharing additional information and valuable insights with you. Join us on the path of spiritual enrichment. Reach out today to explore the transformative benefits this training can bring to your leaders. Let's embark on this empowering journey together. Contact us now for more details.

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Proverbs Christian Fellowship, Church
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