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"Hope, resilience, and self-determination are not merely external forces; they emanate from within! 

- LaTanya Black, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Consultant, National Gun Violence Prevention Spokeswomen, Community Advocate & MACGV Founder

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"With God's strength, embrace the power within you to forge your path and illuminate the journey ahead."

- LaTanya

Unveiling Personal Empowerment:

Walk Alongside LaTanya Black's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph & Discover Your Inner Strength Amidst Adversity

LaTanya Black is not just a public speaker; she is a community advocate, life coach, leadership coaching expert, and the founder of Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV). As Featured on:


“Ms. Black is a seasoned public speaker and presenter who is passionate about raising awareness around the essential contributions of community health workers.”

- Cathy Weik, Chair, Board of Directors

Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance

“Transformative Healing 
for Your Audience”

Thanks to Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (LaTanya Black) dedicated to protecting our children and our communities.

- Ryan Winkler, Former Majority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives

“She’s a Mother,  Motivator, 
Activist & Inspiration. She Pours into others.”

- Cearah Hamilton, BetterMN

“Invest in Transformation, Experience Lasting Impact”

“The strength and resilience of mothers

(LaTanya Black) are what keeps communities together.”

- Mayor Jacob Frey, Minnesota

"Inspiration, Resilience, and Joy Reclaimed"

LaTanya Black: Beyond the Podium, 
A Transformative Journey of Faith, Love, and Hope 

Embark on an exhilarating journey of transformation with LaTanya Black, as she transcends the conventional role of a public speaker. LaTanya's journey, shaped by the profound loss of her daughter to gun violence, serves as a captivating testament to the unyielding strength of faith, love, and hope.


With heartfelt passion, she opens up about her journey in navigating life through the lens of Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG), a transformative process that unfolds in the aftermath of trauma. Imagine when your own core beliefs are profoundly shaken. With LaTanya, trauma doesn't have to be the conclusion of one's story; rather it can act as a catalyst for triumph and positive change, profoundly influencing not only your life but also touching the hearts of those  in the community around you.

As your enthusiastic guide through life's intricacies, LaTanya's compassionate approach, combined with her expertise as a community advocate, skilled life coach, and leadership coaching expert, promises more than just a narrative of pain. In engaging coaching sessions, empowering self-practices, advocacy training, and impactful motivational speaking, LaTanya equips your audience with exciting tools to navigate life's challenges and conquer the uncomfortable spaces we inevitably encounter. Get ready for a transformative experience!


“Commit to Overcoming, Reap the Rewards of Resilience and Lasting Triumph.”

- LaTanya

LaTanya Black: 
Elevate Your Event with an Investment in Transformation & Lasting Impact

Beyond the Podium Keynote Speaker: 

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Choosing LaTanya Black as your speaker is not merely a decision; it's a commitment to providing your audience with an unforgettable and inspiring encounter. LaTanya's value goes beyond inspiration – it is an investment in transformation. 

Attendees will not only hear but also feel the enduring impact of faith, love, and hope. Her message, specifically tailored to address the journey of healing and restoring from grief and trauma, promises a profound and lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all who attend. LaTanya Black brings immeasurable value to your event, ensuring that every individual walks away transformed, inspired, and empowered.

 Beyond the Podium 



"In the face of darkness, light doesn't just shine—it triumphs. Let my journey inspire you to reclaim joy, resilience, 
and well-being, transcending the depths of 
life's challenges."

LaTanya Black's compelling narrative serves as a testament to her passion, love, resilience, and unwavering faith amidst life's formidable challenges. With a diverse background as an executive director, board vice-chair for a statewide nonprofit, dedicated frontline Community Health Worker, and national ambassador, LaTanya provides a unique perspective shaped by profound experiences. Her work includes extensive engagement with adults living with mental health disabilities, along with a deep involvement in geriatric care and end-of-life Hospice services.

Despite her notable achievements and respected roles, LaTanya found herself plunged into unimaginable grief on June 13, 2020, receiving a distressing call informing her of her daughter's life being abruptly ended by a single gunshot to the head. In the aftermath of this catastrophic event that forever upended her life, LaTanya discovered an extraordinary inner strength, fueled by her deep faith in God and the unwavering support of her community.

This transformative journey has shaped her into a passionate spokesperson for community change and betterment, dedicated to creating a space of health and wellness for all. LaTanya is deeply committed to public safety, actively serving as a gun violence prevention advocate and working with legislation to bring about positive changes. Additionally, she serves as a delegate in her district, emphasizing her dedication to community health and safety.

As a keynote speaker, LaTanya offers a profound perspective that goes beyond mere tragedy, serving as a testament to post-traumatic growth and the capacity to thrive after trauma. She has taken her voice and advocacy to notable places, including the Nation's Capitol, "The White House," alongside Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., the founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition—an influential civil rights, religious, and political figure in America.

In her talks, LaTanya openly discusses the physical and mental health effects of trauma, drawing from her personal experience of hospitalization due to physical health challenges amid the complexities of grief and the traumatic loss of her 23-year-old daughter. Emphasizing the importance of addressing all facets of well-being—physical, mental, and emotional—in the journey of self-discovery and healing, LaTanya asserts that holistic self-care is non-negotiable. She believes individuals actively contribute to their own growth and well-being by integrating comprehensive self-care practices into their transformative journey.

In sharing her story, LaTanya provides tools and strategies crucial for moving towards healing from trauma. She encourages reframing and avoiding catastrophizing about the future, advocating for the practice of positive imagery. This involves taking moments in a quiet place to write about what success looks like, envisioning recovery from stumbling, identifying ultimate sources of hope and strength, and creating a detailed mental picture of oneself succeeding. Additionally, she recommends incorporating positive mental imagery into daily routines, visualizing overcoming challenges and achieving personal goals.

LaTanya's keynote addresses and offers valuable insights, resilience, and an enriching pilgrimage toward self-awareness and personal growth, highlighting the potential for healing and restoration amid profound darkness. Her message is one of hope, inspiration, and actionable change for organizations seeking a speaker deeply connected with their audience. By authentically sharing her life-lived experiences, LaTanya empowers individuals to approach grief, life hardships, and challenges in a rejuvenating and empowering way.

She firmly believes that while inspiration nourishes the soul, providing practical tools is essential to supporting individuals as they navigate life-shaking circumstances. LaTanya demonstrates that finding peace, rediscovering joy, and reclaiming a smile despite life's unexpected hurdles is not only possible but inherent, waiting to resurface. Her presence at your next conference, workshop, organization, or faith-based community setting promises to leave a lasting impact on hearts and minds, fostering empathy, understanding, and a profound commitment to positive growth.

Spotlight Stories: Featured Articles


Mothers turn to other mothers to heal after losing children to gun violence

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LaTanya Black: Now Booking for Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, Gun Violence Prevention forums, Podcasts, Webinars, Youth, Community, and Orginization Advocacy Training and More!

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Affiliations and Collaborations


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Years of

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In an iconic achievement, LaTanya presents the symbolic pen to Governor Walz as he signs Historic Gun Safety Measures into Minnesota law.

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