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- LaTanya Black, Public Keynote Speaker

BetterMN Podcast Appearance 

"LaTanya Black amplifies her voice on a podcast, passionately promoting the significance of public safety, healing, and restoration beyond the trauma, emerging as a dedicated advocate for community well-being.

Proverbs Christian Fellowship Church

"LaTanya Black inspires hearts and minds as she delivers a powerful Sunday Sermon at a Women's Conference, sharing wisdom and strength."

Community Advocacy at State Capitol 

"On the steps of the MN State Capitol, LaTanya Black passionately advocates for change, emphasizing the crucial role of community voices in actively shaping the transformation we aspire to see in our neighborhoods."

MN Interfaith Alliance 

"LaTanya Black takes the stage as the Keynote Speaker at an interfaith forum, passionately advocating for families in communities affected by gun violence. Providing tools for healing and guiding the path forward, she inspires growth after the trauma."

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